Step-By-Step Guide: Staging Action Plan

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 I’ve been writing in the past month’s blogs about my exclusive complimentary staging strategies; a key ingredient to a successful sale-- less time on the market and more money in the seller’s pockets. I am committed to making this happen seamlessly. To get you there, my team provides each seller a comprehensive, step-by-step action plan to make it easy.

 The Staging Action Plan:  a room-by-room guide of what to do and how to get it done.

We hire movers to do the “heavy lifting” and provide you with our comprehensive list of vetted service providers to get the work done where necessary.

Below is a sample of a typical Action Plan- the recipe for preparing the home for market. It begins with general “to-do’s” and proceeds, room-by-room with customized, step-by-step instructions. It is specific as to what to keep, what to remove, what you need to do and what we plan to do. We are with you throughout the process to answer questions and concerns.

We know you have enough to worry about. Let us worry about the details.

 Sample Action Plan (actual property- address undisclosed)


Items & tasks in red are things that we will do or provide

1. Walk through your entire house with a “buyer’s eye” and actively seek out minor, cosmetic flaws. Paint touch ups or a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to remedy chipping paint, wall cracks, scuff marks, and general wear & tear.

2. Window washing – have all interior & exterior windows washed

3. Wall-to-wall carpet – Clean carpets that are staying (all area/throw rugs should be removed unless otherwise noted)

4. Thoroughly clean house – floors to ceilings (including porches, decks, patios)

5. Light bulbs – Make sure all light bulbs are working in every room in the house (including basement/storage/garage) – i.e. covered ceiling light fixtures, chandeliers, track lighting, wall sconces, bathroom vanity lights, spotlights, under cabinet kitchen lights, table & floor lamps, front & back porch lights, closets, etc

6. Bathrooms (all 1/2 baths & full baths)– Remove all items from counter surfaces, floors & tubs/showers – i.e. tissues, sprays, knick knacks, waste baskets, plungers, toilet brushes, shower/tub toiletries, rugs, bath mats, bathrobes, colognes, lotions, hair products, razors, toothbrushes, spare toilet paper rolls, books/magazines, shower curtains, etc.

7. White towels – Hang one white bath/hand towel on each bathroom towel bar

8. Remove all personal, religious and/or political items



1.Relocate the flower pots to widen the stairs


1. Remove everything from walls & floor

2. Touch up paint as needed

3. Replace small mirror with larger mirror currently hanging in foyer

4. Replace small art with green abstract painting currently hanging over the radiator in the living room


1. Remove wall paper, paint (we will help you select a neutral color)

2. Move mirror to vestibule

3. Move table to sunroom to use as a desk

4. Move bench to basement to use as a TV stand


1. Move antique desk to far wall near windows

2. Move abstract painting to vestibule.

1. Keep sofas, coffee table, easel, fireplace wood kettle, orange/black stools, & floor plant

2. Keep all wall art for us to use in this room & throughout the house

3. Keep both black floor lamps for use elsewhere

4. Keep pair of brown/gold table lamps for use elsewhere 5. Keep black/rattan end table for use elsewhere (as a pair)

6. Keep pink settee for use elsewhere

7. Remove all other furniture & accessories (including fireplace screen)

8. Remove curtains & wooden curtain hardware

9. Paint everything white (including wall panels, trim, ceiling beams, fireplace brick facing & mantel – same shade of white as trim used in the adjacent office/TV room)

10. We will provide a ghost desk chair, sofa pillows & small rug

FAMILY/TV ROOM (off of living room, currently an office)

 1. Keep area rug, throw pillow & throw blanket

 2. Move gym mat & exercise ball to basement gym area

 3. Remove everything else

 4. Remove window curtain & hardware from French doors

5. Remove contents of built-in bookshelves

6. Remove extra bookshelf & contents

7. Use dining room arm chairs in here

8. Use the pair of black floor lamps in here

9. We will provide prop TV, small sectional sofa, & accessories

SUNROOM (currently a play room)

1. Use bats & rackets in mudroom

2. Remove everything

3. Use green sofa & orange/rattan chair from game room

4. Use foyer table as a desk

5. Use glass/rattan coffee table from bedroom 3

6. We will provide a sisal area rug & wicker desk chair


1. Remove chest, but keep blue vase for use elsewhere

2. Remove glass bar cart, but keep games for game room

3. Move both dining arm chairs to family room

4. Touch up paint as needed

5. We might replace the light fixture (at our expense)


1. Replace magnetic board & butterfly with another piece of art (framed photo of a bowl of tomatoes from bedroom 3 or Les Vapeurs from basement)

2. Select a few cookbooks to keep on counter for staging

3. Remove personal photos & clear off granite cabinet

4. Move painting of Aunt Helen’s chair to desk in sunroom

5. Remove small plastic stool & red chair

6. Remove small flower pot from over windows


1. Remove everything from open shelving (both sides of open shelving)

2. Remove all art – we will choose other pieces of your art for this space

3. Remove items at top of basement stairs (from floor & wall)

4. Remove rug runner

5. Touch up paint as necessary

6. Use colorful print of woman from bedroom 3

7. Remove coats from hooks

8. We will provide accessories for open shelving, pillow for bench, & green/white basket stool

GAME ROOM (corner room between mudroom & dining room)

1. Keep square table as a game table

2. Move green sofa & orange chair to sunroom

3. Use leather rhino from bedroom 2

4. Keep black/rattan end table to use elsewhere

5. Remove floor lamp

6. Use flower print from bedroom 3

7. Touch up paint as needed

8. We will provide a white loveseat, fur stools & board game



1. Touch up paint on window trim as needed

2. Remove wallpaper, paint

3. Install missing glass globe on ceiling light fixture

MASTER BEDROOM (aka bedroom 1)

1. For the best photos, move bed to opposite side (white bookcase will be covered)

2. Move double bureau & TV to opposite wall

3. Use pair of black/rattan end tables as night stands

4. Use pair of white table lamps from bedroom 3 (currently TV room) or brown/gold lamps

5. Keep blue table lamp for use in another bedroom on a night stand

6. Remove all personal photos hanging near windows, and on bureau

7. Remove all art – we will select art from your collection

8. Remove current nights stands

9. Remove all baskets

10. Remove wooden desk/vanity chair

11. Repair cracks and touch up paint as needed (wall crack near sconce, door frame)

12. Keep night stands clear, except for table lamps

13. Use pink settee at end of bed

14. We will provide decorative pillows & ghost chair for desk/vanity


1. Remove everything from walls

2. Touch up paint as needed


1. Remove toiletries and personal items from all surfaces

2. Remove art that’s hanging above towel bar

3. Touch up paint as needed

4. We will provide white towels for you to display during photos & open houses


1. Repair wall cracks & touch up paint as needed

2. Remove toiletries & all personal items

3. Install glass globe over exposed bulb in ceiling light fixture

4. We will provide white towels

BEDROOM 2 (currently an office/would like to stage as a nursery)

1. Move leather rhino to game room

2. Keep rocking chair & brass floor lamp

3. Remove everything

4. I will select a few pieces of art & sculptures to keep for use elsewhere

5. Touch up paint as needed 6. We will provide furnishings & accessories

BEDROOM 3 (currently a TV watching room/will stage as queen bedroom)

1. Move glass/rattan coffee table to sunroom

2. Remove all art – use elsewhere

3. Move white table lamps to master bedroom

4. Remove furniture, rug & accessories

5. Empty built-in bookshelf

6. Touch up paint as needed

7. We will provide a queen bed & bedding

BEDROOM 4 (currently another office/bedroom)

1. Move bed to exterior wall & office furnishings to interior wall (so office isn’t in view for photos)

2. Keep bed & bedding

3. Remove red office chair

4. Remove art & photos

5. Remove one printer & anything else you can live without

6. Remove window decals

7. Touch up paint as needed

8. We will provide a bed skirt & throw pillows


1. Add light at bottom of stairs

2. Remove everything from this area


1. Remove mouse traps & water marks

2. Determine source of both water marks on the floor


1. Keep TV

2. Use foyer bench as TV stand

3. Keep sofa where it is

4. Keep drum, pink scooter & Tonka trucks

5. Remove artwork & keep for use elsewhere

6. Move ironing board to laundry area

7. Remove everything from back left corner – to create home gym area

8. Move treadmill to back left corner area

9. Remove all bookshelves & contents

10. Move orange/rattan ottoman to sunroom

11. We will provide folding-panel to block water meter, throw pillows for sofa, foosball table


1. Paint floor where water has peeled the paint