Staging Success: Multiple Offers Over Asking

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Staging Sells Your Home Faster and for More Money

 I began to notice a shift over the past few years in buyer attitudes; today’s buyers absolutely want simplicity – they don’t necessarily have the leisure of free time, are often moving here from another place, are busy and frankly spending more than ever on that home- they’re more demanding. What they want is to be able to move into a house that’s already “done” and that means clean, orderly and sophisticated, a home that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed -- easy for them to envision themselves living there right away, from day one.

 Because we know today’s buyer; who they are and what they are looking for- we tailor a home’s features and benefits to match the buyer’s lifestyle- and this service is complimentary to the seller.

 Why? Because we know that it works- a staged home sells faster and for more money than a non-staged home- regardless of the market conditions. And because it works we’ve turned many skeptical sellers into believers. 

Web Appeal is the new curb appeal 

Today’s buyers always go on-line to preview a home and won’t go see it unless it’s instantly appealing. And, when they do go they often make a decision in less than 15 seconds! So it’s especially critical to present the home beautifully on-line and at the front door. When our staging is complete, we take professional pictures that make the house truly beckon and stand out to a prospective buyer. Nothing is more important than the front entry- it must be very inviting- so we focus on that “up front”. Once inside, we want the buyer to make an instant emotional connection to the house, before they’ve even been all the way through-- to imagine themselves living there and write an offer!

Improvements and repairs in the preparations phase is always cheaper than a price adjustment- 100% of the time.

 Our staging service is complimentary – we have the furniture, the accessories and the know-how and we pay the movers to move things in and out. Where we think it’s essential, we ask the sellers to make repairs at their cost. And here too we provide a very detailed plan and have lists of contractors, painters and repair services. We’re always there to help through this process every step of the way. 

Staging Success: Multiple Offers over Asking

 We sold a home this year that hadn’t been painted in many years – the house looked like it was falling apart. Other brokers had come in and suggested it was a total tear down and that it would sell in the $800,000s. We saw that the structure of the house was really beautiful. We worked with the seller who had the work done- really floors, some window repairs and painting- and we went in and performed our staging magic. We then sold it for close to $1,200,000 and that is amazing. It was a huge success. The seller made at least $300,000 more than she thought. Who wouldn’t want that?